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What Do You Do for Self-Care?

"What do you do to take care of yourself?", I asked.

"...................I don't know," client replied with a long pause.

Often time, we are too busy with taking care of our jobs or loved ones but forget about ourselves. Take a step back and think when was the last time you did something you enjoyed? And it gets even more frustrating when those things we used to enjoy are no longer permitted during the lockdown!

I, too, feel the same frustration. And I, too, at times feel dreadful to practice self-care.

So how do we go about this? Here are some tips that I find them useful for myself. Self Assessment- Ask Myself 1. What are my unmet needs right now? (survival, freedom, love, power, love and belonging?)

2. What is in my control to achieve those needs now?

3. Do I see myself doing it without adding more mental stress on myself? Disclosure: One day, I was so excited to bake a cake, thinking it might be a good self-care plan (oh hey, its so cool to learn a new skill). Unfortunately, it ended up adding more stress on myself because I hated cleaning up the kitchen!

4. When I can't think of what to do, think about what has worked before?

5. Who can I reach out to for support and help? (Maybe to do the self-care together over a video call!)

These questions never fail to get me a quick idea on what I can do to take care of myself. Hope these tips help! Feel free to share your comments, tell us what do you do for self-care? Warmest Regards, Cheryl Chin


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