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Hear from her clients' journey....

"All sharing are true stories and behind all these stories, there is one resilient soul who has shared their life path with me. I hope this sharing can give a little insight to you who might find them resonating with your experiences, who need to know that there can be still hope in this life, who need to know that you are not alone in this journey."- Cheryl Chin

All sharing have been granted with permission to share by the clients. 


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Journey of young man who survived the suicide of his father

"My therapeutic experience with Cheryl made me feel I was in a safe position to share what I can about my woes. If anything, I think whatever it is we do, we always need a medium for us to channel our emotions and expressions. Could be through painting, music, singing, traveling, etc. I know sometimes we'll lose interest in the things that make us feel joy, but I believe we should continue doing it nevertheless. I gave up on art during the darker years, but the moment I picked up my sketchbook I knew it was the one way I could transform the abstract depressive thoughts into something tangible and be perceived. Then work around from there, identify the shape that we coalesced.My sessions with Cheryl helped me to dive into different art experiments, try different activities that may or may not work, and the ways in making peace with those inner demons. I went from desperately needing to attend therapy sessions once a week, to biweekly, to monthly, to one-off sessions. The lingering traumas that have tormented me in my dreams were more or less gone, a bit more relatively peaceful. Either way, after all is done I think I've got a good idea what to do when I'm facing my downs again. And I can't thank Cheryl enough for it."​"Just because some stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever." - Charles Xavier

Journey of  an adult who witnessed suicide of his friend

"Cheryl's service was really helpful and I'm glad I took this opportunity. I would like my story to be shared so many who may read this will consider this options before they could possibly take matters into their own hands. After witnessing the incident where my friend committed suicide, I have never been at peace not even while taking a shower nor driving alone. I blamed myself a little so that I could have been there for her before she could have considered this option. Little did I know that most of these feelings was a result of a suppressed anger, guilt and looking down at myself from my childhood and previous relationship experiences. Considering this counselling was a big leap that I took in my life realizing what all my feelings was actually and I began to find answers to questions that I have been asking my whole life. Without these sessions, I wouldn't have been able to realize all of these.I'd highly suggest Cheryl's service as many of us don't know how to overcome or manage our mental health and state. I was not educated on how I shall manage my feelings or stress nor was all of these taught at school. I feel that we need some awareness of all these service being provided to the public." 

Journey of Cassandra, young adult transitioning to the working world

"Going through therapy with Cheryl gave me great insight and outside voice to my issues so far. I really needed it to be frank and it made me more aware and more accepting of myself. The methods she's taught me to manage my stress and negativity has been very helpful. She has also helped me process my emotions and issues brought up during the sessions better than anyone in my life.​Before I went to therapy, I used to suppress my emotions and issues a lot. I didn't let myself process and it ended up being bottled up (then I would end up tipping over on what's considered 'small' stuff). I also didn't fully process or talk about a lot of my trauma (ones brought up in sessions), which made me hold grudges and negative perceptions about certain people and things. I had low perceptions about myself too. I used to stress and spiral into the worst possible scenario, I still do actually. But after attending therapy with Cheryl, I let myself feel my emotions more. I started to acknowledge certain things about myself more (positive things) and I can manage my stress and negative thinking better. Some of my relationships are in the process of repair, which is a lot more progress than prior to therapy. All in all, I would say my mental health is at a better place and I'm a little more resilient than before therapy with Cheryl. I truly am grateful for having taken this step to therapy and sharing my journey with Cheryl."​​​​

Journey of a working adult surviving since 2021

"Receiving counselling and psychotherapy with Cheryl was one of a great moment in my life where it helps myself getting better towards overwhelmed events that happened to me. I didn't realized that I was the one who actually need helps until one day, I have this thought of letting go all of pain I'm having by ending my life. I was afraid and I've decided that I NEED HELP! This is totally not me. I've emailed Cheryl at that exact moment to book for appointment as I'm afraid it could go worse. I was struggling to find the reason to live, I started to visualizing all possible ways to die. I don't want to interact with people surround me, I kept myself in my room instead. After my 1st session with her, I've learned on breathing exercise to keep my heart beats at normal rate as possible. Few more sessions after that helps me a lot. I was trained to trust people that I work with, I was given a moment to list down on reason to live, on ways to deal with my mind and hearts working together as a team. Each session was full with ideas and ways that is comfortable for me to dealt with. She listened and always convinced me that it is normal to feel the way I feel. It is normal to get frustrated. It is okay to take my own time to accept changes. She will make sure to ask me at every session if I have any suicide ideation in the past week. She makes me promise to keep myself safe at all time. I feel more calm and confident that all these shall pass. Make your way to prioritized self care is my current motto in life. Thank you Cheryl, you really make me feels that everything has it's own way to get better. Even appreciating our precious life."

Journey of an expatriate from Europe who is a father of young adults

"I experienced big improvement after attending sessions with Cheryl, her session can be confronting but I have a better understanding about myself and my feelings.  I realize it is what I need to know and I was able to restore my connection with my oldest son. I will recommend her services to others because I think more people need counselling but they don’t dare or are not aware."

Journey of an adult who dealt disturbing moods and suicidal thoughts

"My experience with her was calming and relaxing, i always feel my mind is clear after my sessions with her. I used to feel depressed & in anxiety, doesn't feel like doing anything & sometimes even cry for no reason. Having suicidal thoughts, having ideas on how to make it look like accidental death. I met Cheryl when I start having strong thoughts on suicide. She helped me by listening to me without judgement & give ways to eliminate the suicide thoughts. She helped my finding the core issues. Now I'm not having any suicide thoughts or depressed like last time."

Journey of a survivor of sexual harassment

"My transition from being physiologically affected after sexual harassments incident to being able to face myself and extract from self-blame pattern and gaslighting loop has really proven myself that seeking help from a professional therapist helps. The fact that Cheryl chose the approach of relating childhood to current status is really helpful considering life experiences is what shaped one into who they are."

Journey of a working adult who felt trapped 

"I tried out her session with the attitude of "nothing is gonna help". But I was wrong. My experience with Cheryl has been surprisingly good and helpful. I realized new things about myself every time I see her. I would recommend her to people I know because everyone needs to take care of their mental health."

Journey of a university student with trauma

"Cheryl's approach at relating childhood with my reaction to my traumatic experience has really helped me understand myself and helped me improve my psychological status. It's helped me understand myself and how I deal with unpleasant experience. My physiological reactions had been minimised with the counselling session and techniques taught by Cheryl. I would recommend her to others. She will guide in the communication within oneself and really support emotionally. She's also really responsible for keeping herself updated with patient's current status."

Letter from a refugee with breast cancer

"Dear Cheryl,I saw the beauty of life in you and your face,  your heart that is full with kindness, and your calm smile. Everything in you is beautiful and gives me hope in life. Your sessions was the only way for me to breath and I ran away from this life and it is seeking comfort from you so you can help me to carry this burden and lessen it for me. and you gave all of you and whatever you can do and because of that I started to like this life again and hold on more. You gave me shots of happiness, positivity and allowed me to see the beauty of this life through your youth. I learned a lot from your sessions that I shall not forget.You helped me to ease the feeling of loneliness in a country that is not mine.Wish you and your whole family to get all the good and beautiful things that this life has to offer."

Journey of Mariam, the translator

"It was when I started translating for Cheryl's clients I started to understand what counselling is. Coming from a place which doesn't believe in mental health and psychotherapy, I witnessed how it worked and I was taught by her that it is okay to ask for help; it is okay to trust counsellors because they do their best to support and be there for you emotionally; it is okay to cry and share what bothers you; it is okay to not pretend anymore or at least while you are in session with her. The most important thing that I learned is how to care for other people, empathize with them, believe in them and trust their words with no judgements. ​Sessions with Chery were the true definition of safe space for many clients. She is very loved and appreciated by all of her clients and all her colleagues."

Interpreter for Her Therapy Sessions

"I remember how her clients felt so comfortable with her and it almost felt like they were talking to an old friend or family members. One of the many stories that I remember was how she helped a client who lost trust in everyone but after some sessions with her, the client began to trust her, experiencing how professional she was in what she was doing. Counselling sessions with Cheryl became the client's safe space. I like how she is so respectful and sensitive to different people who come from different background. She never offended anyone or make anyone feel unwelcomed or unwanted because of their beliefs. 

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