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About Me

My name is Cheryl Chin, a Chinese Malaysian who can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka. 

Why do I choose to be a therapist?

I believe that everyone deserves to be heard and deeply understood.  Growing up as a child, I always wonder why people behave the way they do and feel the way they do. I often observe how my parents carry their burdens by themselves, me being in the Chinese conversative family, academic performance was the only focus, I often find myself struggled alone throughout my childhood too - no one stopped to ask a simple "How are you?". Hence, I want to be the person for you, the person who hears you out when you have no one there, the person who holds a space for you to feel what you need to feel, who hold that space for you to make sense of your experiences. 


Everyone is unique. 

I believe that no matter how similar our experiences we can be in life, no one shares the same experience, not even the siblings who grow up from the same household. We all have our stories, the painful ones. These stories are worth being heard for and understood with no judgment but genuine acceptance and presence. With the right therapeutic environment, I believe that you can find your ways to outgrow from the stuck point that you face in different stages of life.

My Experiences in the Field
Since year 2015, I have been providing crisis, counselling and psychotherapy services to the university, non-profit organizations, corporate organizations as well as private clinic and hospital. These communities include expatriates, Malaysians from various social economic status and age, refugees and asylum seekers from Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Myanmar Iran and Syria who have survived extreme tortures and war. These vast experiences have taught me to be culturally sensitive and respectful to the individual, couples and families I meet. 
I believe in holistic and systemic work. In the past, I also collaborated closely with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Malaysia, professionals such as social case workers, legal advisors, medical doctors, clinical psychologists and also psychiatrists to provide a holistic and systemic intervention to my clients. I also have successfully inaugurated mental health programs in the corporate settings and implemented systemic and holistic approach in corporate company to ensure the mental well-being of the employees are best protected. 
Holding a firm value on do-no-harm and keeping myself equipped in the mental health field, I have attended training and workshops as well as supervision on complex traumas, severe mood disturbances such as depression and anxiety, grief and loss, family and couples issues, behavioral issues, suicidal and homicidal tendencies and also sexual and gender-based violence. Incorporating these experiences and skills adopted from different modalities, mainly Emotion Focused Therapy and Multigenerational Family Therapy,
I am grateful to have been trusted by many and be able to help transforming and touching their lives. It is such a touching moment to bear witness how ones have transformed from not being able to function in their daily lives, from losing hope, feeling overwhelmed and devastated to feeling empowered as a person, establishing a healthier sense of self  and finally finding meaning in life to continue striving again. It touches me when family reunites; when couple restores their broken vows or promises; when adults find what they want and where they belong; when children and teen grow healthily in their mental well-being; when individual finds peace, acceptance and forgiveness towards others and self.

This is why I am here to serve you.


Being the head of the mental health unit, I am known as an accountable, empathetic and ethical professional counsellor. I graduated with a Masters in Counselling and Bachelor of Psychology (Hons). On the path of enhancing my therapy work with my clients, I completed a certificate in Family Therapy from Australia and also completed my Graduate Diploma in Multigenerational Family Therapy with Accademia di Psicoterapia Familiare from Rome Italy, supervised by a renowned international master family therapist, Professor Maurizio Andolfi. Furthermore, I completed all my trainings in Emotion Focused Therapy and am currently pursuing my development as a certified psychotherapist in Emotion Focused Therapy, directly supervised by the creator of EFT, Professor Leslie Greenberg, Canada.

I am a registered and licensed counselor with the Malaysian Board of Counselors and a professional member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, a member of International Society of Emotion Focused Therapy, a life member of Perkama International, an appointed board member and clinical member of Malaysian Marriage and Family Association. I am a certified couple assessment facilitator. I am also certified as a collaborative practitioner, taking the role as family consultant in managing divorce and separation cases with a team of lawyers and other professionals. 



On a daily basis, I provide individual, couple and family therapy to clients from various background. I provide services to care for emotional, relational and family health across generations - starting from Premarital Couple Assessment, Couple and Family Therapy, Family Consultation in Separation and Divorce. I believe that a breakdown of marriage does not have to be a breakdown of family. 

Outside of the therapy room, I design and conduct talks, workshops and trainings for corporate setting as well as non-profit organization. Its been rewarding to see more than 3000 staff have been benefited from  my effort to raise awareness on mental and relational health. Relational intelligence is an area where I am passionate in, it is fascinating to bring systemic work in the therapy room with family to the training room at the corporate world. 

I'm also passionate in supporting interns and therapists as they grow in their clinical practice. That's why I offer clinical supervision to interns and mental health professionals. 

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